Bathroom renovations are a great way to modernise or update your home, but make no mistake, renovations are a big commitment. Before you commit to your bathroom renovation, here are some tips from our expert team so you know what to expect.

Budgets are easy to surpass

Most people know that when you start a bathroom renovation project you begin with a strict budget. What most people don’t realise is just how easy it is to go over that budget. Be prepared to make some hard decisions between what you want and what you can afford. The best way to stay on budget is to create a list of priorities and ensure the main ones are covered first. If you still have a bit of budget left, then you can indulge a little.

It’s more economical to work with your existing footprint

If you are trying to reduce costs on your renovation, try to work with the existing layout of your bathroom where possible. As soon as you install new pipes and move around all your fixtures, things get expensive quickly. Even you slightly rework your plumbing, it’s far cheaper than shifting to a different wall entirely.

Don’t forget to consider storage

While minimalist bathroom designs are all the rage, don’t forget to leave room for smart storage. If your current bathroom always tends to look messy, no matter how much you clean, then odds are you don’t have enough storage. Make sure you keep this in mind when choosing your vanity and or under sink storage.

Choose a trusted renovator

As great as the finished result is, bathroom renovations are messy, invasive, time consuming and inconvenient. That’s why it’s essential that you choose a renovation team that you can trust. Make sure you schedule your renovation at a time that suits your family and communicate with your reno team about what times are best for them to work.
If you’re looking for a trusted bathroom renovation team, contact A Class Bathrooms today. We have a team of specialised tradespeople who have over 25 years of experience in the trade who are committed to making your dream bathroom a reality.