How to style your bathroom after a renovation

Bathroom renovations don’t stop after your renovation team has left. Styling your bathroom is an essential part of transforming your bathroom for the better. To help you style your bathroom, here are some chic ideas from our expert renovators. Choose an accent colour Before you go crazy with new furnishings and décor, think about your

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Wet room vs enclosed shower

In recent years there has been a move towards wet rooms, instead of enclosed showers. Wet rooms (sometimes referred to as a walk-through shower) are extremely popular in hotel suites and high-end homes due to their open plan feel. If you are deciding between a wet room or enclosed shower for your upcoming bathroom renovation,

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Making the most of your space in a small bathroom

Without the right planning and fixtures, small bathrooms can be incredibly difficult to live with, not to mention an eye sore. If you’re struggling with a small bathroom, here are some great bathroom renovation ideas to help you maximise your space. Try a corner sink Even the smallest of pedestal sinks can disrupt the flow

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We share our tips on how to coordinate different tile styles in your bathroom renovation

Nowadays there are so many different tile styles and materials that it makes narrowing down a selection for your bathroom incredibly difficult. While it can be tempting to incorporate a range of different tiles, it’s important to learn which sizes, shapes and patterns work together and which do not. To help you out, here are

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What to expect when renovating your bathroom

Bathroom renovations are a great way to modernise or update your home, but make no mistake, renovations are a big commitment. Before you commit to your bathroom renovation, here are some tips from our expert team so you know what to expect. Budgets are easy to surpass Most people know that when you start a

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Simple ways to give your bathroom a luxury feel

Bathrooms are no longer just a place to wash, they are becoming true features – havens for rest and relaxation. If you are looking into a bathroom renovation, here are some simple and affordable ways you can give your bathroom a touch of the luxurious. Get stylish with your storage The more clutter a bathroom

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Patterned tiles are back! We share our favourite looks

Patterned tiles were extremely popular in the 60s and 70s, but since then their popularity has waned. After a brief revival in the 90s, we are pleased to announce that patterned tiles are officially back! If you are keen on incorporating some patterned tiles into your upcoming bathroom renovation, here are some popular looks. Black

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Tips for renovating your bathroom when selling your home

Renovating a bathroom to sell, is completely different to renovating a bathroom for yourself. You need to be thinking about what most buyers will like, rather than your own personal taste or style. A bathroom renovation is a big investment, so it’s essential you choose a design that lots of people will enjoy. If you’re

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Black is the new black! You’ll love these tapware trends!

Sleek, refined and trendy. Yes, black tapware is here, and it looks like it’s here to stay. In recent years, plain old silver tapware has become less and less popular, paving the way for black finished fixtures. If you’re digging the black tapware trend, here are some great tips on how to integrate the look

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