A Bathroom That Is Fitted to You

There’s nothing like the feeling of walking into a new bathroom. You are not limited by where the plumbing is, you’ve literally been able to pick a bathroom design that suits you in every way, and it fits like a glove.

New house, New Bathroom

When building a new house there is so much to consider, every last part of your home down to the door handles is chosen by you, and whilst exciting at first it can also be a little overwhelming. When it comes to your new bathroom why not choose a local team that are synonymous with quality new bathroom designs?

Make Your Home Work for You

As your family changes so do your needs. Are you all fighting for the bathroom? Maybe it’s time to turn the guest room into another bathroom. Talk to the team at A Class Bathrooms and make your south Gold Coast or Tweed Head home work for you.

Is Your Bathroom Starting to Look Tired and Old?

We actually spend quite a lot of time in the bathroom, whether its showering, bathing the kids, or primping and preening; why have a bathroom that doesn’t reflect your style and taste?  A new bathroom could perk up your morning routine, whilst adding value to your home.

Bathroom Design

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry we can help choose a bathroom design that will suit your lifestyle and needs, whilst making it look amazing in the process.

Waterproofing Your New Bathroom

To ensure your bathroom lasts and doesn’t leak or become mouldy waterproofing is the first consideration. A Class Bathroom have a certified waterproofer on staff. Only licenced waterproofers are authorised to carry out waterproofing in Queensland.


Great plastering looks amazing, bad plastering can pull down the entire new bathroom you’ve worked so hard to achieve. A Class Bathrooms have plasters that produce quality, flawless work that is hard to rival.


Tiles come in so many shapes and sizes, hues and colours, that it might become overwhelming knowing what to choose. There are few basic design rules that we can teach you to help steer you in the right direction.

Since tiles are a focal point in your bathroom you need a seasoned A Class Bathrooms skilled professional tiler to handle the installation.

Bathroom products

When it comes to your new bathroom, you need to consider your lifestyle. Do you and your partner brush your teeth at the same time? Maybe you should consider two sinks. Whilst also considering the resale value of your home, there are so many things you can add or leave out.

Do you want a bath and shower, or a shower over the bath? A Class Bathrooms can help make the most out of your space with a clever bathroom design.

Finishing Touches

Sourced from the leading manufacturers, A Class Bathrooms will source all your fixtures and fittings, so you get a high-quality bathroom that’s great value for money but looks a million dollars.

Bathroom Renovations That Are Built to Last.

A Class Bathrooms, where functionality and style come together. Your new bathroom should be a long-term investment and should be built to last. Gone are the days of lengthy bathroom renovations, A Class Bathrooms coordinates the entire project so it’s seamless, good quality, with a good turnaround. If your south Gold Coast or Tweed Heads home is need of some TLC, call the bathroom renovation experts at A Class Bathrooms today.