Your shower is one of the most important fixtures in your bathroom. Used day in and out, you need to choose a design that will suit your and your family. One of the biggest decisions you need to make regarding your shower is your shower screen. To help you choose the right shower screen, here is some advice from our bathroom renovation experts.

Frameless shower screens

Encouraged by Scandinavian design influences, such as open spaces and extra light, frameless shower screens have become very popular. Unlike traditional shower screens, the glass of frameless shower screens is only lined where it’s connected to a wall, floor, or ceiling, giving the frame a clean and expansive look.

Semi-frameless shower screens

If you’re looking for the frameless look without the price tag, then opt for semi-frameless shower screens. These screens are stronger than fully frameless screens, which is a far better option if you have children or pets.

Split level shower screens

A growing trend for those struggling with mobility issues are split level shower screens. These screens look like a regular semi-frameless shower screen but can open at half height to allow carers or family members to assist the person showering.

Clear glass frames

While textured glass provides more privacy, it is more difficult to clean and can make your bathroom appear smaller. If you are looking for a modern and stylish look, you can’t go past clear glass shower screens.

Towel bars on shower screens

A big trend for smaller bathroom designs, is towel bars mounted on shower screens. This provides easy access to your towel after your shower and frees up additional wall space for other fixtures.
Planning a bathroom renovation, but not sure what shower screen is best for you? Call A Class Bathrooms today. Our team of Gold Coast bathroom renovation specialists can help you plan your bathroom design to suit your family and lifestyle.