Without the right planning and fixtures, small bathrooms can be incredibly difficult to live with, not to mention an eye sore. If you’re struggling with a small bathroom, here are some great bathroom renovation ideas to help you maximise your space.

Try a corner sink

Even the smallest of pedestal sinks can disrupt the flow of a small bathroom. Instead install a corner sink to maximise your space. We recommend placing a corner sink opposite your toilet instead of your shower, as this could interfere with the closing and opening of the shower.

Avoid smaller tile patterns

Tiles that are small or include an intricate pattern look great in bigger bathrooms, but in a small bathroom, it tricks the eye into thinking the space is even smaller. Instead opt for large-scale patterns and larger sized tiles where possible.

Install a floating vanity

Floating vanities not only give the illusion that your bathroom is larger, it also frees up valuable floor space for small item storage or simply for added comfort.

Extend your vanity over the toilet

If your toilet shares the same wall as your vanity, opt for a floating vanity and rather than ending it at the toilet, extend it above the toilet. This will give you some space for a few extra items and create a visually pleasing line in the room.

Go for a wall-mounted faucet

By mounting your faucet to the wall, you can install a narrower vanity that frees up space to move around in the bathroom. This look is especially effective if you are opting for a more traditional design.

Get creative with your towel bar

Even in a all bathroom you need a place to hang your towel. Instead of wasting valuable wall space with a towel bar, install a rack on the side of your shower screen for easy towel access.
Struggling to plan your small bathroom renovation? Our team of Gold Coast bathroom renovation experts specialise in small bathroom design. We can optimise your layout to maximise the space and of your bathroom without compromising on the essentials.