Bathroom renovations don’t stop after your renovation team has left. Styling your bathroom is an essential part of transforming your bathroom for the better. To help you style your bathroom, here are some chic ideas from our expert renovators.

Choose an accent colour

Before you go crazy with new furnishings and décor, think about your colour scheme. If you have colours in your tiles, ensure that your décor stays in the same colour palette to create a more consolidated look. If you have a neutral bathroom, you can add pops of colour using bath mats, towels, mirror frames, artwork and beauty products.

Go green

With environmental consciousness on the rise, more people are bringing plants into their homes. Plants not only add touch of greenery, but they also provide extra oxygen and can cleanse impurities in the air. Some great bathroom plants include aloe vera, bamboo, ivy, orchids, snake plants, peace lillies and pothos. Just make sure your plants are in a position where they receive enough sunlight.

Add seating

If you want to transform your bathroom into a place of relaxation, why not add seating. A simple stool or chair provides somewhere for you to sit while you brush your hair or apply makeup. A popular stool style is the Japanese style wooden stool, which can also be placed in showers to help with shaving or mobility issues.

Freestanding shelves

Another popular addition to modern bathrooms is freestanding shelves. Used to store towels and bath and beauty products, free standing storage is both functional and stylish. Popular finishes include timber, chrome and white washed wood.

Create vanity top storage

Display cotton balls, cotton buds, hair ties and other hair accessories in ornate glass jars. This provides easy access while giving your vanity a bit of personality. Limit your vanity-top products to matching hand lotion and soap and stash everything else away under your sink so it looks neat and tidy.
Need styling advice for your bathroom? As bathroom renovation experts, A Class Bathrooms can help you design your bathroom to maximise your space and modernise your home. We can also suggest ideas for appropriate décor to complete the look.