In recent years there has been a move towards wet rooms, instead of enclosed showers. Wet rooms (sometimes referred to as a walk-through shower) are extremely popular in hotel suites and high-end homes due to their open plan feel. If you are deciding between a wet room or enclosed shower for your upcoming bathroom renovation, here is some helpful information.

Wet rooms

A wet room, as the name suggests, is a room that is fully tiled and waterproofed, so water does not need to be contained to the shower. This eliminates the need for shower doors or shower trays, making for easier access for people with reduced mobility.
Due to the fact water is likely to spread across the room, you will need to opt for a slip resistant material for your tiles to reduce the risk of injury. In order to allow appropriate drainage, the floor must be adequately sloped and planned.
While wet rooms are generally more expensive, they can completely modernise your home.

Enclosed showers

The most popular and often cheaper option, enclosed showers are a favourite in bathrooms of all budgets. By having an enclosed shower, you eliminate the need to waterproof your entire bathroom and can save on water usage.
You can choose from range of styles and designs, including D-shaped, quadrant and corner styles which can fit into awkwardly shaped bathrooms. You can also choose from a large selection of shower screening options to suit the style of your bathroom renovation.
While not as trendy by themselves, enclosed showers can be made to look more modern with the right fixtures.
If you need help deciding between a wet room or an enclosed shower, then contact A Class Bathrooms today. Our Gold Coast bathroom renovation experts will assess the layout of your bathroom and suggest the best design for your bathroom.