Get the Stainless-Steel Look! Let’s explore Brushed Nickel Tapware & Accessories.

Trends for 2018-2020 are now entrenched. Neutral & raw: timber, concrete, stone & terrazzo are all on trend. For up-to-the-minute style, there are many fashionable alternatives to latest black tapware and the now dated chrome finishes of yesteryear. A Class Bathrooms reviews the latest finish in tapware and accessories, the brushed ‘stainless-steel’ look, which is actually, a brushed nickel finish. This recent mode of décor is popping up in all sorts of bathrooms, kitchens and laundries and is a real trendsetter. So what is brushed nickel and why has this chic form of tapware become so desirable?

What is Brushed Nickel?

Nickel is a strong, hard, silvery-white metal coating applied to a solid brass tapware or accessory body, as is chrome and matte black. As nickel is also electroplated, it’s resistance to heat, fading and, corrosion makes it a prime metal for use in tapware and shower heads. The term ‘brushed’ refers to the roughened look and texture of the finish which brings about the stainless look. It’s as if a wire brush was used on the polished surface to create a more handcrafted appearance. The result delivers more interplay of light and shadow due to the faint embedded textural lines. This works well when a raw appearance is desirable.

Appearance & Features

Brushed nickel tapware brings appealing texture and enticing warmth to suitable colour schemes such as neutral or earth-tone palettes. It reflects a timeless quality and is the embodiment of elegance. The brown-silver patina offers hints of vintage charm. Brushed nickel tapware is adaptable to many styles of bathroom whether your choice of interior design is classic or contemporary. For a serene space with pleasing warm overtones, brushed nickel is the ideal solution.

Choose Wisely

When considering brushed nickel tapware you need to establish whether or not there are any other fixtures or colour schemes in the bathroom it needs to match. Perhaps take an overview of your shower. The coolness of mirror polished stainless-steel trims won’t really blend well with the warmth of a brushed nickel showerhead and shower arm. Basically, when fittings and trims are in close proximity to one another consider how finishes are going to mesh. Ensure bathroom colours suit the soft golden tones brushed nickel brings to the surroundings. Bear in mind as you would when using black, if you desire the stainless-steel brushed look, all metallic items in your bathroom should ideally have the same finish.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Brushed nickel’s good looks last a long time if proper care is administered. Use warm soapy water and a sponge to clean. Rinse off excess soap and buff taps dry with a soft cloth after each cleaning or when noticeably wet. This will prevent spots appearing and mineral deposits from building up. If mineral deposits have emerged, fill a small spray bottle with equal parts white vinegar and water. Aim spray directly at the deposits and allow the solution to sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Wipe solution away with a damp sponge then dry the tap with a soft cloth.

As with chrome, DO NOT USE BLEACH in your bathroom, AT ALL! Bleach will eat off any finish, including black, due to its reaction with the brass base metal.


Brushed nickel tapware will add a touch of elegance and refinement to your new bathroom and enhance many colour palettes. We use and recommend only the Nero brand of brushed nickel tapware, which is available through our trusted partners WHO Bathroom Warehouse at Varsity Lakes and Tweed Heads South. To view ranges: To order products: