Bathrooms are no longer just a place to wash, they are becoming true features – havens for rest and relaxation. If you are looking into a bathroom renovation, here are some simple and affordable ways you can give your bathroom a touch of the luxurious.

Get stylish with your storage

The more clutter a bathroom has, the less luxurious it feels. In order to transform your bathroom into something more opulent, invest in smart and stylish storage solutions. Use ornate glass jars to store cotton balls, cotton buds, soap or bath salts and display them neatly on top of vanities. Store your soap in a soap dish instead of on the side of the sink and stash your toothbrushes in a stylish tumbler.

Invest in an ornate mirror

Don’t settle for a boring old hardware store mirror above your vanity. Look for an ornate mirror that matches the personality of the rooms. Find a mirror with a frame that lifts the elegance of the room such as, antique gold, silver, timber or shabby chic. If you’re looking for more storage, invest in a mirror that has concealed storage space behind it.

Upgrade your lighting

Gone are the days where a bathroom only needs over head lighting. Create a new lighting plan that incorporates backlighting, accent lighting and task lighting to elevate the atmosphere of your room and make your daily routine much easier.

Invest in hanging storage

Towels left hanging over shower sides or bathtubs are just messy, so make sure you invest in a towel bar. Don’t forget to install a small ring by the sink to store your hand towel and a small hook on the inside of your bathroom door to store your bathrobe.
Bathroom renovations are a great way give your bathroom a touch of the lux. If you are looking or more great ideas, contact the experts at A Class Bathrooms. Our team specialises in affordable bathroom renovations for all budgets. Based on the Gold Coast, we will transform your bathroom for the better.