If you’ve committed to a bathroom renovation, one of the biggest considerations is whether to include a shower, bathtub or both. What’s best for your bathroom will depend on the amount of available space, your demographics for resale and your personal preferences. To help you decide, here is some advice for each option.

Shower only

If you have committed to a shower only bathroom renovation, the best rule is to go big or go home. One of the hottest trends in bathrooms today are large walk-in showers. Elegant and spacious, walk-in showers will modernise your bathroom and impress potential buyers. This is an especially great option if you have a home with two bathrooms, as you can keep a bathtub to appeal to families with children.

Bathtub only

While a bathtub only bathroom might not be as common or practical as a bathroom with a shower, they can lead to beautiful spa inspired spaces for rest and relaxation. A bathtub only bathroom is a great idea for homes that have three bathrooms homes that will appeal to high income families. Even if you only have two bathrooms, you can convert one bathroom to tub only and one to shower only and let the family share both spaces.

Shower and bathtub

If you have the luxury of space and are careful with your design, including both a bathtub and shower in your bathroom is ideal. This appeals to a wide variety of families and homebuyer demographics. If you really want the functionality of a bathtub and shower, but don’t have the space, consider a combined shower and tub (stub). While these can look old fashioned, with the right design it can look great!
Need help deciding on what combination is best for your bathroom? At A Class Bathrooms, we believe when it comes to bathroom renovations planning is everything. Based on the Gold Coast, we can help you find a bathroom design that balances both functionality and aesthetics.