Patterned tiles were extremely popular in the 60s and 70s, but since then their popularity has waned. After a brief revival in the 90s, we are pleased to announce that patterned tiles are officially back! If you are keen on incorporating some patterned tiles into your upcoming bathroom renovation, here are some popular looks.

Black and white

Black and white bathrooms are a bathroom renovation classic. Choose a simple, but elegant black and white patterned tile and use it to cover your bathroom floor. Some popular choices include chessboard patterns and black and white floral patterns. Pair these tiles with simple white wall tiling, black accent tiling and white fixtures.

Moroccan tiles

Moroccan tiles are having a real moment due to their intricate patterns and versatility. These tiles come in a range of colours and stylings and can look great in any bathroom renovation. They can be used as flooring, shower tiles or splashbacks. The most popular colour combinations for Moroccan tiles are: black and white, aqua and white, and navy and white.

Palazzo tiles

Palazzo tiles are the height of sophistication and opulence. These tiles are most popular in neutral colours such as sand and stone grey, but they can also look great in muted blues and navy. These tiles make a beautiful backing for showers or wet zones and can make for beautiful flooring.

Don’t overdo the look

Patterned tiles are supposed to be a feature and will look too busy if you go overboard. The best plan is to choose a patterned tile that you really love and use it to plan the rest of your tiling. Match your patterned tile with on or two other neutral tiles to accentuate their beauty. White, sand and stone tiles are always great neutral options.
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