The bathroom mirror can be more than just a practical item for grooming, make-up application, hair styling etc. It can also be a decor detail that injects a dose of personality and artistry into even the starkest of bathrooms. When choosing a new mirror there are many elements to consider such as size, style, shape, framing, vanity, and lighting. To simplify the decision process, A Class Bathrooms has put together a short overview of some of the factors that will ultimately help you choose the perfect mirror for your bathroom renovation or update.

Size it up!

Usually, it’s best to consider the proportions of your vanity before deciding the size of your bathroom mirror. To keep everything well balanced, your mirror should generally be no wider or taller than your vanity. However, some designers bypass this practice and use larger mirrors to create focal points and added effect. A great way to visualise the proportions and shape of a new mirror is to cut blank paper to size and lightly stick to your wall. You can tape a few pieces of paper together to make the template large enough.

LUXE SphereStyle

Bathroom mirrors come in literally hundreds of shapes, sizes, and colours. Like artwork, it can be an impressive focal point of any bathroom, second only to the vanity it hangs above. To achieve the best styling result for your bathroom renovation, the A Class team offers the following suggestions.

Think about your form of décor and whether you need to go for simple, ornate, subtle or eye-catching. Find inspiration from photos in magazines and on the internet. Relate the images back to your own space to determine what style and type of mirror would work best in your bathroom. Do you want single or multiple bathroom mirrors? The size of your vanity will help you determine your choice but both can work well. You might prefer a different approach and use the mirror to fill the whole wall. Tall slim mirrors can give a room a more vertical look. Ultimately the choice comes down to aesthetics and personal preference.


A bathroom mirror can be more than just a reflector. Consider other functions and needs you require from your gleaming accessory. Would a large mirror add more light reflection and greater interior space perception? Do you want the bathroom mirror to maximise storage with integrated or hidden shelving? Is your preference a mirrored cabinet? If a mirrored cabinet is your choice, can it be set into the wall? A professional renovator, such as A Class Bathrooms, can advise whether your wall can accommodate an inset or partially inset mirrored cabinet.


When it comes to mirror lights, would you like hanging, sconces or wall mounted swing arms? How many lights and how bright? LED lighting effects are another possibility and can make a striking feature. Some bathroom mirrors have integrated lighting for improved viewing and often have ambience settings to change the atmosphere. Coloured lights can be a fun and whimsical inclusion. Overall, your choice of mirror lighting will greatly depend upon your need for brightness or whether you wish to create a particular mood in your bathroom.

sylviaTo frame or not to frame?

Frameless mirrors usually work well in contemporary, modern, or minimalist bathrooms where the décor leans more towards simplicity. Mirrors surrounded by elaborate frames tend to look best in classic, traditional spaces, such as Hamptons and French Provincial, where the use of detailed and decorative elements is expected. However, a bathroom mirror with a simple, narrow, and lightly textured frame can look harmonious and appealing in almost any style of bathroom. A carefully chosen ornate mirror can add an eclectic sensibility to a modern bathroom and make a terrific statement piece. It’s all about décor balance and using savvy design ideas.

Mounting application

When searching for your ideal bathroom mirror it’s important to consider mounting fundamentals. Is the mirror to be a permanent fixture? What level of strength is required from the mounting application? Some mirrors are best suited to glue, such as flat and unframed styles. Others are better served by hanging hooks or bracket installations. Safety is of the utmost importance. Ensure a strong and solid mounting application is used to secure the mirror. If you’ve chosen integrated lighting, you must hire a licensed electrician who will properly connect and position the mirror. A Class Bathrooms is licensed in the area of electrical installations.

Bringing it all together!

Bathroom mirrors offer plenty of choices and options. If you bring together all the previous ideas and suggestions you should have no issues finding and installing the perfect mirror. The result should add a wow factor to your bathroom’s interior and provide a useful backdrop. The experts from A Class can install any type of mirror you’ve chosen for your bathroom. A Class works with trusted partner ‘Who Bathroom Warehouse’. WHO has a complete range of polished edge mirrors in an impressive array of sizes and shapes including Square, Rectangle and, Round. A Class Bathrooms is happy to pass along to our clients the trade pricing we receive from WHO Bathroom Warehouse. Talk to us to find out how you can purchase discounted products from WHO. We also use and recommend Luxe Mirrors from Brisbane, an online store with fast delivery to the Gold Coast. (Featured images for Luxe Mirrors are, ‘round mirrors above pink toned vanity’ and ‘framed mirror’.) For the budget conscious, you can’t go past the economical range from Bunnings Warehouse. (Featured image for Bunnings Warehouse is header/title photo ‘round mirrors above white vanity bowls’.) Contact A Class Bathrooms today for great bathroom renovation solutions and installations!