A Class Bathrooms wants your bathroom renovation consultation to be a dream process. Before you book your appointment there are a number of things you can do to ensure the consultation runs smoothly and is effective. If you are under prepared before meeting with the consultant the whole process could fall into a downward spiral resulting in confusion, disappointment and time wasting.

Help is at hand! With a bit of research homework under your belt, you can save time and make your renovation consultation easier and more productive. The team from A Class Bathrooms offer the following preparation tips.

  1. Collect Ideas

When considering your new bathroom, gather ideas from magazines and the internet. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s also advantageous to make notes as you collect each photo. If you build up a large collection it might be difficult to remember what you liked about a particular photo in the first place.

Consider styles you like and how they will translate to the overall design/decor of your house or apartment. Magazines such as “Australian House & Garden”, “Vogue Living”, “Better Homes & Garden”, “Belle” and “Home Beautiful” all offer excellent photos and a wealth of suggestions from prominent designers.

The internet is a treasure trove of ideas and photos for a bathroom renovation. For example, you might be considering “Coastal” style décor. Search “Coastal style bathroom” on the internet and the cyber world is your oyster. You’re bound to find a few pearls amongst all the images. On a more precise level, you might search “brushed nickel taps” to discover a style that appeals to you.

Regarding décor looks, the following internet links are very helpful in defining a number of different styles.




  1. Functionality

A Class suggests the best way to tackle functionality is to create a “wish list” about all the things that will make your bathroom perfect.

Do you want any of your bathroom items on display or hidden away? How many towel rails do you require and do you want them heated? When it comes to vanity basins will you choose benchtop or inset, single or double? How much storage space is required and the type you prefer? Think about shelving, layout, and purpose. Consider the most convenient and suitable size for your bath and shower. Don’t forget mirrors, lighting, floor coverage, and tiling.

As you can see there is plenty to consider and these are just a few ideas. If you pay attention to details both big and small, the end result will be a new bathroom that makes you happy and fulfills all your functionality wishes.

  1. Budget

Think carefully about how much you want to spend on your bathroom renovation. Firstly, consider the market value of your house or apartment. Spending too much in comparison to the value of your property could mean you have overcapitalised and this will hit you hard if you ever decide to sell.

Next, how much can you afford? Be realistic so you don’t stretch your financial situation to breaking point. Be flexible. If you have your heart set on a particular whiz-bang bathroom fitting but it will break the budget contemplate other areas where you could compromise.

How you use your bathroom should be taken into account. Is it simply a utilitarian space for bathing or a luxurious oasis for relaxation? If the look of your bathroom is important you might feel spending a bit extra is warranted for tiling, fixtures, and fittings.

When talking with your consultant, remember to go over the cost of every aspect of your bathroom renovation so no hidden costs suddenly rear their expensive heads. The A Class Bathrooms team have a wealth of experience and expertise to bring to the table. We’ll carefully guide you through all your bathroom renovation costs and help you get the most value for every dollar you invest.

  1. Rapport

Building good rapport and a solid relationship with your bathroom renovation consultant will ultimately lead to a better all-round result. A good consultant will spend time listening to your wishes and ask insightful questions. Clear communication also enables the consultant to create accurate plans for your proposed new bathroom. If a consultant won’t listen to you, tries to tell you what to do or strongly disagrees with features on your wish list then start pressing the alarm bell. Working with someone like this could lead to a very unpleasant bathroom renovation experience.

Your consultant should be someone who is with you every step of the way and not just a point-of-sale representative who passes you on to a myriad of company workers and contractors. Your consultant should be a “one stop shop” for everything. For example, if you have a problem with plumbing you should be able to contact your consultant directly for resolution rather than hashing it out with the plumber. A Class believes personalised service and good communication are paramount to a smooth and successful renovation.

  1. Timeline and Follow Through

When it comes to the timeline of your bathroom renovation be realistic as it’s a major event. It would be great if new bathrooms came from the wave of a magic wand but so far this isn’t possible. When preparing for your renovation consultation consider some of the following facts so your expectations regarding start to finish time are reasonable.

Before anything physically begins in your house or apartment the lead-up time is usually between 3-4 weeks. After the lead-up time, make sure you’re well prepared for the disruptions that will occur while your new bathroom is being installed. Establish alternative arrangements for bathing, toilet use, and storage.

Bathroom installation usually takes 5-7 business days and the process begins with the removal of your old bathroom. Next, all the bathroom components come together via a number of skilled tradespeople. Remember, bathroom renovation is collaboration between plumbers, electricians, carpenters, cabinet fitters, tilers and so forth. So don’t be surprised to see many different workers passing through your door.

By following these five points your bathroom renovation consultation should be clear-cut, efficient and successful. Contact A Class Bathrooms to book an appointment and one of our experienced team will quickly get back to you to make arrangements.