Many of TV’s current renovation shows often feature the ‘Hamptons’ style proving it’s still relevant and in vogue. In fact, ‘Hamptons’ and ‘Coastal’ design modes have been eagerly embraced by Australian households. Both styles have evolved to incorporate personal preferences and the Australian lifestyle but still remain consistent at their cores. ‘Hamptons’ and ‘Coastal’ have the added advantage of transcending time and will not date for many, many years.

To help you achieve the elegant ‘Hamptons’ look or beachy ‘Coastal’ vibe in your bathroom, A Class Bathrooms clarifies both styles and their key features. However, there is often some confusion between ‘Hamptons’ and ‘Coastal’. So what’s the difference?

‘Hamptons’ style key features

The Hamptons look hails from the lavish summer houses of well-to-do New Yorkers. This appealing style reflects the relaxed atmosphere of the iconic beachside area coupled with the elegance of an upscale residence. To create a Hamptons bathroom, consider stylish fixtures combined with natural materials such as wood and seaside inspired accessories. The intention is to utilise the allure of the beach and ocean to create a comfortable environment with added touches of luxury. Don’t forget to make use of natural settings and incorporate local and native elements to add the flavour of Australia to your Hamptons bathroom.

‘Coastal’ style key features

Unlike Hamptons, Coastal style is a more general concept. It encompasses everything we love about warm summer days and chilling out. Although both styles share similar features, Coastal is the less formal, boho little sister of Hamptons and offers a bit of flexibility. Themes tend to be more beachy and rustic. To help add the Coastal vibe to your bathroom, decorating elements can include wicker, driftwood, tropical plants and raw linens. Upcycled pieces can also provide extra character. Overall think island resort meets rustic charm.

‘Hamptons’ and ‘Coastal’ styles colour palettes

Hamptons and Coastal styles both use clean white canvases and neutral tones such as cream and linen. The difference is in the accent colours. Hamptons can adopt darker and stronger accents such as navy blues, taupes, greyish-greens, or steel greys. Coastal accent colours are brighter and breezier like yellows, light blues, and marine greens such as turquoise and aqua. When designing a Hamptons or Coastal bathroom, use the accent colours in the bathroom tiles, towels, mats, and accessories.

While Coastal and Hamptons both embrace lighter coloured wood, Hamptons also has the option to select darker, deeper wood such as rosewood and walnut. Wood can be utilised in Hamptons or Coastal bathrooms by adding a wood style vanity cabinet.

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