There’s no denying it, black tapware looks like it’s here to stay. The stylish black finish is nearly as popular as classic chrome or timeless stainless steel. A Class Bathrooms decided to put black tapware on ‘trial’ to uncover the reasons behind its recent popularity. A Class explored the advantages of this current bathroom trend and examined care and cleaning tips. After some thorough investigation, the verdict is in.


If you want to set a bathroom apart from the everyday or add a touch of opulence, black is the go-to colour for sophistication and glamour.

  • Sleek & stylish – Matte black tapware looks smooth and sleek. The intrinsic simplicity of a streamlined black tap against a neutral colour palette can uplift a wet space from drab to snazzy. By simply adding black tapware you can gain a modern edge to your bathroom or ensuite.
  • A striking feature – Consider black tapware if you desire an eye-catching statement piece in your bathroom. A dramatic matte black tap positioned against highly polished white porcelain or ceramic becomes an instant sculptural piece with very little effort. Black taps make a striking feature and add some wow factor to your bathroom.
  • Highly adaptable – Regardless of your design choices or the period of your home, black tapware can adapt to most bathroom styles and generally upscale the appearance of the space. It works beautifully with a variety of surfaces including marble, timber, and Whether your taste is traditional, contemporary, country, industrial, or coastal, your bathroom can reach another level with the timeless sensibility of black tapware.


  • Easy revamp & update – Black tapware is the ideal solution for a bathroom you want to freshen up without completely renovating. It’s on trend, will complement your current décor, and modernise the look of your bathroom.
  • Durability – Black tapware usually has an electroplated This allows more durability and resistance to marks and scratches. Proper care will aid in the endurance and longevity of this handsome finish.
  • Won’t show fingerprints – Unlike chrome, fingerprints are less visible on matte black taps.
  • Price & Value – You can now get black mixer taps at a competitive price compared to chrome. Their installation delivers an instant update while adding a bit of extra value to your property.
  • Readily available – Unlike some vivid colours or unconventional metallic finishes, black tapware is now relatively easy to purchase due to its rise in popularity.


  • Fading – Avoid sunlight if possible. Wipe taps regularly with a microfiber cloth. This will help prolong the appearance of your black tapware.
  • Installation damage – Even though the black coating resists scratching, your plumber should take care when installing the tapware. A cloth wrapped around the mixer will help avoid scratching and damage from tools.
  • Avoid chemicals or abrasive cleaners – It’s best not to use any cleaners on your black taps. Instead, clean with mild soapy water then dry taps so the water doesn’t tarnish the outer finish.
  • Dust and powderMake-up powder, dust, talc, and similar can make you black tapware look cloudy when the remnants are wiped away. Keep a microfiber cloth handy to properly remove particles and dust.

There seems to be plenty of good reasons and advantages for black tapware’s popularity. Proper care and cleaning are easily achieved. Overall, the sleek, sophisticated, and modern touch black tapware brings to a bathroom or ensuite makes installation a worthwhile investment. Talk to the team at A Class Bathrooms for further black tapware advice and pricing.