Sleek, refined and trendy. Yes, black tapware is here, and it looks like it’s here to stay. In recent years, plain old silver tapware has become less and less popular, paving the way for black finished fixtures. If you’re digging the black tapware trend, here are some great tips on how to integrate the look during your bathroom renovation.

Black tapware options

There are a huge range of black tapware available today. You can purchase black taps and mixers in a range of different styles to best suit your bathroom’s design. If you’re looking for the antique look, choose federation style tapware, but if you want something more modern, opt for a contemporary or art deco style.
Keep in mind that if you have silver drains or bath taps, the black may clash, so be prepared to replace all silver fittings with black ones. If you are planning a bathroom renovation, talk to your team about choosing one specific black tapware range and sticking with it.

Black showerheads

When it comes to black tapware, consistency is key. If you want to create a more coordinated look in your bathroom, pair your black tapware with black showerheads in the same finish. This will tie together your bathroom’s design and leave you with a chic, new-age feel.

Black basins

If you really want to commit to the black bathroom trend, why not opt for a black bench mount basin. Bench mount basins sit on top your vanity and will become an instant feature. The most popular designs are rounded rectangles and ovals. If you want to tone down the black slightly, choose a design that has a white interior.
At A Class Bathrooms we specialise in bathroom renovations for all budgets and styles. We offer a large range of trendy tapware, including black, brass and copper finishes. Located on the South Gold Coast, we can help you transform your bathroom for the better.