When designing your new bathroom attention to detail is paramount. Otherwise, your dream vision could become a nightmare. So, how do you achieve the best results?

A bathroom is a very task-orientated space with many functional elements. Making sure these elements work well and seamlessly blend together while satisfying individual needs is often a complex undertaking. Wise choices will give you a beautiful, efficient space that thoroughly fulfills your desires. Careless decisions will bother you with impracticalities, unsightly inclusions, and construction problems.

A Class Bathrooms skilled team are always on-hand to help you navigate through all the intricacies of bathroom design. We’ve formulated a list of common mistakes to avoid. Our advice and solutions will help you bypass many of the bathroom design pitfalls.

Careless planning

Without proper planning and preparation, even the best bathroom ideas can go astray. Think carefully about your bathroom remodeling. Make a list of your requirements then stick to it. Don’t go overboard and sacrifice efficiency for style. A smart bathroom layout can easily get lost amongst needless features. Function should always come before form. Consider the following when formulating your design.

  • Spacing & layout. Ensure there is enough room to easily move around fixtures such as toilets. Doors, screens, cupboards, and drawers should open without obstruction.
  • Storage – type & amount.
  • Ventilation & heating.
  • Electrical requirements including the correct amount and position of power outlets.
  • Aesthetics – color, style, finishes, and decorative components.
  • Tiling – floors & walls. Is slip resistance a factor?
  • Fittings – Vanities, tapware, wash basins, bathtubs, shower screens, mirrors, cabinets, toilets etc.
  • Lighting – Adequate & appropriate.
  • The right plumbing, pipes, and water pressure.
  • Towel rail placement and ease of reach.
  • Delivery & construction time. Will there be a need for an alternative bathroom during construction?
  • Project management – Types of tradespeople required.

If you’re pursuing a complete bathroom renovation think carefully before changing the current layout. Moving fixtures to other positions could become problematic and require expensive plumbing adjustments. If you need help with your bathroom renovation plans, the A-Class experts are always available for advice and assistance.

Budget blow-outs

Make a realistic budget and stick to it. Otherwise, you might have to comprise and cut corners towards the end of your project. Watch out for unexpected, hidden costs. It’s a good idea to have a 15% to 20% contingency fund so you can take care of the unforeseen. Look out for trade discounts. A Class Bathrooms receives trade pricing from WHO Bathroom Warehouse. We gladly pass along these discounts to our clients. Talk to us to find out how you can purchase discounted products from WHO. www.whobathroomwarehouse.com.au.

Don’t mess up your space & layout

Focus on space optimisation rather than space reduction. Packing your bathroom with oversized components might look good on paper but ultimately won’t translate well into reality. Be clever with your design by aiming towards a layout that gives you both space and all desired inclusions. Remember, stylish, quality bathroom fittings come in many shapes and sizes.

Lifestyle shouldn’t be overlooked

Think about lifestyle habits to get the most out of your new bathroom. Are there young children or seniors with physical impairments? Is there pandemonium when four people all have the use bathroom at the same time? A powder room or separate toilet might be a handy solution. Optimise the bathroom to accommodate the needs of a busy household. But don’t get carried away. Comfort and enjoyment are still important.

Lack of storage

A common mistake made when designing a bathroom is not allocating enough storage units and shelves. A clever trick is to plan for a bit more storage than you think you actually need. Remember everything from towels to toiletries needs to go somewhere. Mirrored cabinets, cupboards, drawers, and open shelving will all help to make use of available space. Cluttered benchtops not only look unsightly but are difficult to clean.

Tiling failures

There’s more to tiling than just colour, design, and texture. No matter you tiler’s expertise, without proper guidance the end result could be very disappointing. Laying intricate patterns correctly and ensuring tiles in a niche follow on seamlessly to wall tiles will give your bathroom the designer edge. Point out these types of details to your tiler with a good dose of clarity. If a wall tile is a must-have for your floor make certain it’s strong enough for this purpose. Similarly, some floor tiles are too heavy for partition wall use. If in doubt, ask your supplier or consult A Class Bathrooms. Our trusted partners at Beaumont Tiles are also very generous with advice. www.beaumont-tiles.com.au.

Don’t disregard grouting as it can also make a striking design statement. A darker grout can create its own exquisite pattern plus add character to a white bathroom. Brightly-coloured grout will make plain tiles pop. Epoxy grout is the best choice as it’s long-lasting, highly durable, and extremely waterproof.

Light it right

The enemy of good design is bad lighting. Impractical lighting can also be dangerous. Smart designers use lighting combinations to create the right illumination for ambience, tasks, and key feature accents. For optimum mirror usage, mount fixtures on either side of the mirror to reduce shadows. When choosing lights consider LED options which have taken the world by storm. Consult A Class Bathrooms’ Electrician for preliminary advice.

Incompatible fittings and badly chosen materials

With so many things to consider when planning your bathroom design, it’s easy to overlook finer details. For example, you might crave a rainfall shower and massage jets. Who wouldn’t! However, before splashing out make certain your water system is up for the task. Speak to a plumber or renovation specialist like A Class to ensure you have enough water pressure power or whether you will need an upgrade. Your choice of wall cover or finishes might look sensational but can they handle dampness and mould? Either install a super-duper extractor fan or choose bathroom-friendly paint and wallpaper that resist the casualties of humidity.

DIY disasters

Unless you’re a serious DIY expert, it’s better to leave the more complex bathroom renovation jobs to the professionals. Hiring tradespeople will save you time, relieve stress, and protect you from expensive DIY mistakes. If you are DIY whiz, it’s still prudent to seek out professional advice before starting your project. Planning to knock down walls, move or add windows or, install new joists? Then visit your local council’s website to find out whether you require Building Regulation approval.


Installing a new bathroom is an exciting event but, of course, you still have to pay for it. If you’re fortunate enough to have cash in hand then celebrate and go forth. However, many of us require some type of finance to realise our bathroom dreams. Thankfully, with the right finance, renovating your bathroom can still be a profitable exercise. After your bathroom has been completed, have your property re-valued. You should find you’ve made a healthy capital gain on your property. A Class Bathrooms’ affiliates, You’re Welcome Finance, offer great competitive rates which compare well against the banks. For more information, go to https://aclassbathrooms.com.au/finance-available/.


Bathroom design doesn’t have to end up in a pile of difficult issues. With careful planning and attention to detail, your new bathroom design can be an outstanding success. A Class is available to discuss all your remodelling plans and guide you in the right direction. Contact A Class Bathrooms today for great bathroom renovation solutions and installations!

Our trusted partners WHO Bathroom Warehouse have a fantastic Bathroom Planner tool available to download >> https://www.whobathroomwarehouse.com.au/bathroom-planner/