Many ‘purists’ believe that ‘style’ and ‘budget’ should not appear in the same sentence. But these are financially challenging times and the household purse strings are often stretched to near breaking point. So when it comes to renovating your bathroom or ensuite do you just give up or is the answer in savvy purchases, careful planning, and astute budgeting? A Class Bathrooms looks at some things to consider when you’re ready to update.

At the pragmatic end of the debate between ‘form’ and ‘function’, a low-budget bathroom renovation used to mean nothing but the most basic, utilitarian-looking choices in fixtures and fittings. But a new bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean you have to break the bank or compromise on style and quality. There are things you can do to achieve a high-end look at a low-end price.


Before jumping into your bathroom renovation it’s a good idea to work out exactly what you want. Study pictures in magazines and on the internet to help you choose an appropriate décor style. Short list the types of bathroom fittings that appeal to you such as, vanity cabinets, tapware, wash basins, shower recesses, baths etc. By doing all of this, you should dampen the temptation to make ‘spur of the moment’ purchases or grab ‘on-sale’ items that can ultimately result in a hoard of unsuitable bathroom components. Make up your mind to mind your investment.


Think about all the things you need to make your new bathroom perfect. How much storage space do you need? This will help you choose the right size vanity cabinet so you don’t fall short and have to purchase extra storage later on. Do you need a mirror cabinet or is a flat panel mirror sufficient? This can affect cost. Be precise when it comes to measurements to avoid costly mistakes. By working out everything you want in your bathroom, from tiling to fittings and accessories, you won’t have to dive into your bank account and blow your budget when you realise you’ve forgotten to include something important. The expert team from A Class Bathrooms is always on hand to make planning your bathroom easier.


Break out the calculator and crunch the numbers. How much can you afford? Be realistic so you don’t blow apart your financial situation. Get a number of quotes from required skilled tradesmen such as cabinet fitters, plumbers, tilers, electricians etc. Their fees need to be incorporated into the overall cost of your bathroom renovation. Be flexible. If your heart is set on a particular type of bath and the cost is tipping the budget, consider where you can compromise on other items such as tapware or wall tiles. A Class Bathrooms offers premium, mix and match customisation resulting in flexible pricing. By sticking to your budget, your new bathroom will be something to enjoy rather than a painful reminder of overspending.

A Class Bathrooms can help you achieve a cost-effective, quality bathroom by supplying high-grade products and top-notch installation at affordable prices. Now just about anyone can afford to have a beautiful, designer bathroomware that performs reliably and keeps its great appearance year after year.